About us?

INKAS PARADISE gives you a warm welcome to our website, wishing you found the destination of your choice or the information you are looking for. in turn, provides its guests a safe and practical website with detailed content of the offered services; “Tour Packages, Private And Shared Tours, Private Shuttle, Tourist Information and Design Tour Packages According To The Needs of Our Customers” in cultural tourism; homestay, adventure and archaeological.

You will find all these options from the comfort of your home; without the need to seek a personal office, which demands time and other expenses.

We are a Travel Agency and Tourism, Tour Operator in southern Peru. Located in the city of Puno – Lake Titicaca; young company that seek to satisfy the needs and /or expectations of our customers, to ensure quality service and fair tourism, we have a team of specialists in customer and our suppliers are direct from visited destinations in order to achieve integral and sustainable development.

You will be part of coexistence between visitors and hosts to make you feel at home.Our services are customized to; individual visitors, couples, groups, students, corporate, seniors, the disabled and many others.